Becoming a Volunteer

General Volunteers must be 18 years old or older

Youth Volunteers

We are pleased to offer select volunteer opportunities for those under age 18, with the following requirements:

  • Youth Volunteers must have a parent/legal guardian or parent-approved adult with them to volunteer.
  • Youth Volunteers must have a parent or legal guardian sign the liability waiver.

What will be asked of you as a volunteer?

  1. Volunteering is a serious commitment. Please have the time and availability to commit.
  2. Attend required training session for your interests.
  3. Complete the Volunteer Questionnaire & Waiver accurately & honestly.
  4. Be honest with yourself and us concerning your needs, wishes, and availability.

What do i get in return?

  1. Learn and understand about children through direct volunteer work.
  2. Choose from and experience a variety of job opportunities.
  3. Explore new career opportunities.
  4. A chance to develop new skills or polish old ones.
  5. Receive support and feedback from dedicated staff & volunteers.
  6. A chance to meet others who share your interests.

All you have to do now is fill up this form below.

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