Wish list needs

Thank you for your generosity.

Over the years we have been able to provide food and other necessities for children in our home. We could not have accomplished this task without our kind-hearted and generous donors, and we remain grateful for your contributions.


Fruits   | Cordials  | Chicken Nugget | Milk Powder | Fish Ball | Chili Powder | Condensed Milk | Ribena | Chocolates | Butter | Jam | Cereals | 100 plus

Health Care / Toiletries / Others

Vitamins | Formal clothing for children | First Aid Items- Ointment for pain/rashes, Panadol for children/Adults, Adhesive medicated plaster | Sanitary Pads- good quality & absorbent | Sport shoes | Sandals | Bags


Computers | Camera | Ink for Printers | 48’’ Television | DVD Players
DVD/CDs movies rated (U)/age 13+

Let us know what you can give.

As we have limited staff and volunteers to help us process and go through the donated items to ensure they are well fit for use, please do not donate anything that is broken, damaged, torn, ripped, stained or in any way faulty.