Crystal Hilliard

Crystal Hilliard

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What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

You can strive to be a success on the outside as a young care leaver of Rumah Hope but inside there are all these jagged edges and broken parts that, if you are aware of them, you can put together again. You are just thinking about survival building the resilience to overcome barriers and get on in life, and I'm grateful to Rumah Hope for bringing me up in a manner to be strong, resilient and well disciplined to overcome the barriers and obstacles in life.

VenothanRumah Hope Alumni

When I was 9 years old, i did my first performance in front of a big crowd. Rumah Hope gave me the opportunity to show my talent. Volunteers would come and help us out and that was the best part of staying there.


I made a lot of friends in Rumah Hope. We always looked out for each and other. I can still remember the good and the bad but I am thankful that I had shelter and food .


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